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I have recently been to this part of the Rapidan WMA, but I don't know of a good way to get there.  I ventured to the Southeast corner of the Fletcher tract and walked down the old CC Road (or Country Club Road) accross the Kirtley Mountain Track and down to the Allen Track.

Visitors to this tract used to be able to drive up CC Road from Hood to access the tract.  However, that road was closed after the 1995 floods.  Here is the eye sore of a sign you will see trying to enter that way now.

Using my computer mapping software, I estimate that this track is only about 188 acres in area.

It is really disappointing that public access is so poor to this public land.  But it looks like if you own private land next to it you can drive your four wheeler all over it and decide who gets to access to it.  Please join the Yahoo Group so we can discuss issues like this.

While there is not a public right-of-way to get to this tract, below is a picture of the old road going through it.  Apparently, plenty of people know how to get their four wheelers up here.


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