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You can drive to the Kirtley Mountain Tract from either the North or South.  There is a sign, small parking lot, and a good trail at the North entrance.

Update:  I visited this track on 2/12/05.  I parked at the gate on the North end, and there was significant logging going on at the time.  It looks like a logging road is being cleared out so loggers can remove the trees. There are also some areas where most of the trees on top of the mountains in spots are being removed.  This will soon provide a fair amount of fresh habitat.  I called VDGIF and found out that the loggers have been contracted to salvage trees damaged in a tornado back in the fall  You can tell the tornado sure tore the woods up. 

Note: As of spring turkey season ending, the logging was complete.  They also cleared out a lot of damaged timber at the Garth Run entrance.

Click here to see pictures of the new logging road and tornado damage.

This tract is about 883 acres in size.  Below is a 3-D map of it made from the USGS map.

Unknown Question:  The USGS map shows the northern part of this tract being broken up into two other separate parts, is this right?