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This web site is relatively new, and I'm gradually trying to improve it and keep it up to date.  Click here to send me an email or provide me with any suggestion or information you may have.

Although the Commonwealth of Virginia does a great service by preserving the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area (RWMA), I sense there is not a lot of communication among those who use the area.  I have a lot of questions about the RWMA, and I think other users do as well. 

I am a little disappointed with the amount of public information available about the RWMA, so I have created this site and a Yahoo Group, where users of the RWMA can communicate publicly.

If you use the RWMA, PLEASE SIGN UP for the Yahoo Group.  At the time I write this, it has 59 members.  The Yahoo Group has been up and running since the fall of 2004.  It has now reached a meaningful threshold of participants and continues to grow.

I like the remoteness of the RWMA, and often go there to get away from the crowds and take a temporary break from my contemporary world.  This web page and the Yahoo Group isn't about people sharing their favorite hunting spot, revealing the secret place you camp with your honey, or where you buried a gold treasure.

It's about communicating things that it would be good to have some public information about.  Like how does the public get to the remote tracts of the Rapidan?  Or what roads are drivable and which ones aren't.  Is there a trail that can get you in to a particular part of a tract.

I live in Washington DC and enjoy hiking, horseback (mule) riding, and responsible hunting in the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area. 

If you join the Yahoo Group below, it is a good place for various users to have a dialog about the RWMA.

Updated 2/01/06

Link to Yahoo Group