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New Land for the Middle

(Conway) River Tract


The Wildlife Foundation received a grant to help fund the purchase 550 acres in Madison County joining the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area, which is now part of the Middle River Tract.

Photos of Snow on the Rapidan Tract from February 12, 2006

Kirtley Mountain Tract Hit by Tornado

Recent photos from the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area:

-Tornado impacted Kirtley Mountain Tract and;

-Main road on Middle River Tract cleared out from Devil's Ditch up to the National Park.

Rapidan WMA Master Plan from VDGIF

  • Discusses VDGIF's Plans for RWMA

  • Proposed Shooting Range for Middle River Tract

  • Need for Visible, Accessible Trails on RWMA


This is a web site where users of the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area can learn more about the RWMA and share information.  Click here to read more about this site.


Here's an article that was in Virginia Game and Fish on a trophy buck that was taken in the RWMA. Another article from Virginia Game and Fish that discusses bear hunting prospects in the RWMA.

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